OCT 5TH,  2019



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Walking the streets of Asbury Park for OVER TEN YEARS!



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THANK YOU to all who came out and joined us on Saturday for the TWELFTH ANNUAL ASBURY PARK ZOMBIE WALK!

If it was you're first Zombie Walk, THANK YOU for coming and checking out our event, we hope you had a great day!

To our undying veterans.. who keep coming back from the dead and keep bringing newly turned zombies with you each time... THANK YOU for continuing to support our unique event year-after-year. THANK YOU for spreading the infection, so that even more people come and join in the fun!

To our phenomenal Makeup Artists.. who make sure everyone gets a chance to look their bloody best at the Zombie Walk.. THANK YOU for your amazing talent and enthusiasm, you are a vital part of our event!

To our unbelievable Thriller Dance Team, who gather new recruits and teach them the moves to the most iconic zombie dance there is.. THANK YOU for dedicating time in your life to rehearse together, and for strutting your stuff with us on the Boardwalk for more than ten years!

Each of you looked absolutely horrific as you gathered on the Boardwalk.. THANK YOU for putting so much time, thought and creativity into your costumes and characters every year! To all the "Walker Watchers" who came out to the Boardwalk to see the carnage... THANK YOU for wanting to see what the Zombie Walk is about! We hope you'll join in the fun and get gruesome with us next time!

To the local bars, restaurants, and businesses throughout Asbury Park... THANK YOU for your continued support and cooperation! Welcoming our crowd of zombies through your doors shows them how great a place Asbury Park truly is. Promoting that greatness has always been the heart of what the Zombie Walk is all about.. we hope you were very busy on Saturday!

To all the many partners we have who assist in making the Zombie Walk happen, specifically: Asbury Audio, Bands on a Budget, Madison Marquette, Party Corner Rentals, WRAT Radio and the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce... THANK YOU! The Zombie Walk would not and could not happen without all of your help!

To everyone at Johnny Mac House of Spirits, THANK YOU for always being unconditionally supportive of the Zombie Walk and our team of organizers. Your dedication to Asbury Park and to our event motivates us every day to keep the Walk going and growing!

Last and most importantly, to everyone who has volunteered their time, energy and brains into making the Zombie Walk happen... THANK YOU! Over the years so many people have played a part in making the Asbury Park Zombie Walk into the one-of-a-kind happening that it has become. There is truly no Zombie Walk in the world quite like ours, and that is because of each and every person who has put some passion, support and energy into giving the event the life that it has had!

I have to say it again...THANK YOU to the volunteers! You are everything. Together we are a wonderfully undead family. When some of us are unable to be a part of the event, whatever the reason, we remain a family. This year we shared a sudden loss as a family, and through our togetherness were able to smile and feel joy as a family by remembering those who were not with us and walking in their honor. THANK YOU for your friendship and love!

As I have mentioned, both on our website and at the Zombie Walk this past weekend. When it comes to zombies, the dead never die... they just keep coming back. It is my sincere hope that everyone who joined us for this (or any) Zombie Walk in Asbury Park over the years will return to do it again in the future. The Zombie Walk, through the contributions of each of you, has played a tremendous part in the revitalization of the City of Asbury Park. Its a piece of the foundation that Asbury is being rebuilt on.. and I would like to think that you zombies will continue to be a part of that growth. The Zombie Walk is (and should always be) celebrated on the first Saturday in October, on the Boardwalk of Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Don't wait for an announcement, start spreading news of the outbreak right now... the next Asbury Park Zombie Walk is less than a year away already!

We will see you then, thank you.

- Jason & the Asbury Park Zombie Walk Team